Young Professional Program


Bert’s passion for helping young professionals become better riders and trainers is evident in the success his riders have had.  He helps them reach their goals and sets them up for a long and prosperous career.  The industry is changing and there are horsemanship skills that are becoming a lost art in today’s equestrian professional community.  There is a lack of a support system for the new professionals in the industry to look for help and continue to grow while having a business of their own.  Bert’s goals to help young professionals succeed in their equestrian goals and their business goals is the inspiration behind his young professionals program.  

The program allows the professional to grow and expand their business without loosing touch of their own riding aspirations.  Please contact Bert directly if you are a young professional and would like more information. 

“I was fortunate enough to learn from one of the Masters. Some of those Masters are no longer with us. It is my responsibility as a rider and coach to pass the knowledge to the next generation of equestrians.”

– Bert Mutch