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Investment Horses

If you would like to participate in the exciting world of show jumping Bert can help find and manage your investment horses.  Whether you would like to participate as an owner of a Grand Prix/ Hunter Derby horse or would like to buy and sell horses Bert will train, ride, and represent your investments.

Investment Strategies are individualized to the horse and based upon the owners’ needs, goals, and level of interest in participation.  Some owners are part of a syndicate, others do not ride but own, buy, and sell horses, and others buy investment horses to show and ride while the horse also competes with Bert.  Horses are purchased in both Europe and North America via trusted relationships and international scouts.  If you are interested in more details, please contact Bert directly to customize a program to fit you.

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“Being a part of a horse’s journey at the top level of the sport can be equally as rewarding as being the one in the irons.”

– Bert Mutch



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