2 Mutch Show Jumping
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2 Mutch SJ & Huntlea

2 Mutch Show Jumping and Huntlea Inc. exists to deliver best-of-class professional equestrian expertise & services that strategically align with both Hugh “Bert” Mutch’s riding and training principals & clients’ needs.

2 Mutch Show Jumping

2 Mutch Show Jumping is focused on taking horses and riders to the next level.  2MSJ encompasses Bert’s years of expertise and training as well as skilled riding.  Private Training Programs, the Young Professional Program, and ad hoc rides/training and are offered by 2MSJ.  Please talk to Bert for more information.


Huntlea is the farm name for the horses that live and riders that train at Edgewood Equestrian with the team.  They receive top in class care.  Huntlea is focused on quality training.  It is important to Bert to be able to spend the time each student and horse needs, this allows for unparalleled customer service and experience.  Huntlea is located at a private farm in Nicasio, CA.

Huntlea is family oriented and has programs from ponies to Grand Prix.  Huntlea is for riders of all levels wanting to participate in the sport that have a passion for learning.  Ponies, Hunters, Equitation, and Jumpers are all welcome.  Leylan’s teaching skills and passion for developing riders allows for children to learn and grow with the 2MSJ program.

Horsemanship is at the core for all levels at 2MSJ.  The foundation of a good rider is knowing your horse and having the skills and knowledge to care for them.  Coming from equestrian families, both Bert and Leylan enjoying sharing and teaching horsemanship skills that have been passed down through 2 generations and through tutelage from the greats like Ronnie Mutch, George Morris, Rodney Jenkins, Eddie Macken, Bert De Nemethy, and more.






3421 Nicasio Valley Road
Nicasio, California 94946